God Vs. Satan

God is the single most influencing entity in the world , who doesn't even exist. Satan would probably be the second most. But what makes God better than Satan ? We know that God and Satan preach opposite schools of though but who are we , in terms of these beings, to be deciding factor … Continue reading God Vs. Satan

Douglas Adams on The Garden of Eden

This is an excerpt from Douglas Adams's bestselling book, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. It's a quite funny and very philosophical interpretation of the Garden of Eden concept. I'll leave it to you to think it out. The Restaurant at the End of the Universe - Douglas Adams   `I always thought … Continue reading Douglas Adams on The Garden of Eden

A fan theory for the biggest fandom

Humans at all times have hated curiosity and wanted answers. And even with answers, there is a problem. To which the answer ( pun intended) is, humans, we prefer and are more likely to agree to an answer that satisfies us most, is most convenient for us. Sometimes we could even agree to an answer even though it seems the most likely. Ask yourself this, if one guys says that the sun is a giant ball of uncontrolled fire that will eventually destroy us and is still sending death beams ( UV ) and the other says, it's a merciful god who loves you and gives you warmth and light , who would you go with ?