God Vs. Satan

God is the single most influencing entity in the world , who doesn’t even exist. Satan would probably be the second most.

But what makes God better than Satan ? We know that God and Satan preach opposite schools of though but who are we , in terms of these beings, to be deciding factor and judge one as the better version ?

God advises us to resist temptation : gluttony, lust, greed. Satan advices us to embrace them. Yet, we choose God.

Nowadays, one of the biggest argument in favour of the LGBT movement is that everyone should have the right to be what they are and not be forced to live a live, usually under the pressure of society. The same argument fits clearly with temptation, something that’s imbibed in us ever since we’re born , and since we’re talking about God , BY GOD !!

So God puts temptation chemicals in our body, makes us feel lust , makes us want to be a glutton, makes us greed for more and then says that we can’t do any of that . Kind of … hypocritical ? Pyschopathic ?

Reminds of Tantalus. The man that was punished by Zeus to live in eternal thirst and eternal hunger, to the branches of apple tree to move away when he tried to reach then, the water to move away from his hands.

That’s just cruel. Plain and Simple.

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