A fan theory for the biggest fandom

First of all, I would like to start by saying that I am not trying to be offensive to anybody’s faith, so if you’re super religious, stop reading.

Let me just explain why Religion is basically the world’s biggest fandom. A bunch of people obsess wildly over a piece of fiction thinking that it is real and love the characters a lot. ( Once again, not for religious people, this post )


So, here’s my theory –

I shall not dwell on popular theories about this mystical thing. I’ll get straight to the point.

The theory states that there are three types of people at all times, differentiating each time but basically three types –

  1. The Flock
  2. The Ambitious
  3. The Different

Humans at all times have hated curiosity and wanted answers. And even with answers, there is a problem. To which the answer ( pun intended) is, humans, we prefer and are more likely to agree to an answer that satisfies us most, is most convenient for us. Sometimes we could even agree to an answer even though it seems the most likely. Ask yourself this, if one guys says that the sun is a giant ball of uncontrolled fire that will eventually destroy us and is still sending death beams ( UV ) and the other says, it’s a merciful god who loves you and gives you warmth and light , who would you go with ?

So, here’s how it happened, the ambitious saw the opportunity that humanity as a mass was craving for answers, the demand was so high, the one who provides a satisfying product will be king. They grabbed the opportunity and provided everyone with an answer that solved everybody’s problem ( emotionally too ), and subtly arranged themselves to be the god’s chosen one, the only one who should be the king. That worked out pretty good huh ? See this example, Abraham and Jacob established themselves as special being the ones that were contacted by god , and made sure that people would only choose their line as king.

And then there were the third group, who didn’t care about the flock and didn’t give a single shit about providing answers. They just wanted to satisfy their own curiosity, their own way, the correct way. They had no problem with religion , just give em feasible proof. Society hated them because they gave answers that didn’t feel them special and as we all know, our sense of purpose has always been problematic.

To sum it up, the ambitious came up with religion to secure themselves into a healthy position in the society and secure their line too. It did backfire when other people realized their plan and added it to their own. Became what’s happening with smartphones now. .

In the end, religion is a marketing strategy out of hand.

I would like to put forward Dan Brown’s idea in this post, cause it is awesome – god is nothing but a symbol of human’s mind and the limitless human potential.


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26 thoughts on “A fan theory for the biggest fandom

  1. You have given an interesting opinion on religion and the reasons behind it. Topics of religion can and usually do become combative. I hope that everyone who reads this keeps their comments unbias and friendly.


  2. So true. Loved the analogy with the sun being the destructible UV emitting ball of fire and a giver of warmth and life. It’s ultimately your belief and perspective. God resides in each one of us!


  3. You make an interesting point. I am not overly religious. I don’t go to church and I don’t read the bible. And I can’t really say I place a whole lot of faith on a religion where it states you are going to burn in hell if you are gay. What I do believe in is there a superior being that represents love. And this has given me comfort in times of sorrow. So I understand what you are saying, but I do disagree with some.


  4. This is such an interesting way of looking at religion, and you explain it well. I can’t say I will ever understand how a group of people bragging about their love for the world can express such judgment and hatred, it’s beyond me
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca


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